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Anna-Pia Hubacher

Annapia Hypnotherapy


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Anna-Pia has that special ability to see, hear, and feel her clients in their totality. She is an empathic listener and draws out the essence of who she works with and what matters to them. She is a multi-dimensional Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner with in-depth experiences in a broad range of professions and personal life experiences.

Together with her clients, she supports their breakthroughs. These areas include: going beyond fears, insecurities, and grief, assisting with pain management, bad habit as it related to relationship issues, limiting beliefs around financial and business matters, health related challenges,  limited belief around career goals, past life regressions, and more. In sessions with Anna-Pia, clients engage with her strong spiritual foundation, interwoven with practicality, humor, and deep commitment to have you win.  Since Covid,  she has moved her practice online so clients can work with her from all around the world.

Anna-Pia graduated from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, an Accredited School of Professional Hypnotherapy, in 1995. Since then, she has been working with clients to help them see the possibility for what they want in their life. Anna-Pia lives in Fair Oaks, California, with her husband of 23 years, and their daughter. Her second passion is singing a capella music in an ensemble. If you ask her why she does what she does, she states: “It’s my destiny to serve people in this way”.

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Since: October 2019

Birthday: June 27


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Anna-Pia Hubacher
Annapia Hypnotherapy
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