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Barry Moser Accountant
Barry Moser


Gary Loeb Advertising Specialties
Gary Loeb

Advertising Specialties

Scott Beck Architect
Scott Beck


Rick Baum Attorney: Bankruptcy
Rick Baum

Attorney: Bankruptcy

Martin Horwitz Attorney: Business & General Law
Martin Horwitz

Attorney: Business & General Law

Kendric V. Rollins Attorney: Criminal Law
Kendric V. Rollins

Attorney: Criminal Law

Jeremy Alberts Attorney: Employment
Jeremy Alberts

Attorney: Employment

Anthony Santarelli Attorney: Immigration
Anthony Santarelli

Attorney: Immigration

Jeffrey Nadrich Attorney: Personal Injury
Jeffrey Nadrich

Attorney: Personal Injury

Bruce Lorman Attorney: Real Estate
Bruce Lorman

Attorney: Real Estate

Alvard Barseghian Auto Collision Repair
Alvard Barseghian

Auto Collision Repair

Jesus Hernandez Auto Detailing
Jesus Hernandez

Auto Detailing

Jess Perlman Auto Sales and Leasing
Jess Perlman

Auto Sales and Leasing

Lisa Irwin Bookkeeping Services
Lisa Irwin

Bookkeeping Services

Bryan Angstman Carpet Cleaning
Bryan Angstman

Carpet Cleaning

Bill Nojima Chiropractor
Bill Nojima


Michael Castiglione Coach: Business
Michael Castiglione

Coach: Business

Sharyn Hillyer Coach: Relationship & Personal
Sharyn Hillyer

Coach: Relationship & Personal

Katherine Blake Collections/Profit Recovery
Katherine Blake

Collections/Profit Recovery

Scott Gilbert Commercial Insurance / Workers Comp
Scott Gilbert

Commercial Insurance / Workers Comp

Chris Fuhrman Computer: Apple/Mac Systems
Chris Fuhrman

Computer: Apple/Mac Systems

Julio Santizo Computer: Microsoft Windows Systems
Julio Santizo

Computer: Microsoft Windows Systems

Nick Mendoza Contractor - Electrical
Nick Mendoza

Contractor - Electrical

Darius Moezinia Contractor - General
Darius Moezinia

Contractor - General

Ron Benveniste Contractor - Painting
Ron Benveniste

Contractor - Painting

Dennis Smith Contractor - Plumber
Dennis Smith

Contractor - Plumber

Jose A. Diaz Contractor - Roofing and Repairs
Jose A. Diaz

Contractor - Roofing and Repairs

Gerry Keogh Contractor - Tile
Gerry Keogh

Contractor - Tile

Saeed Tarki Contractor - Waterproofing
Saeed Tarki

Contractor - Waterproofing

Robin Leonard Court Reporter
Robin Leonard

Court Reporter

Brian Reich Dentist
Brian Reich


Alex Trakhtenberg Dry Cleaning, Blinds & Draperies
Alex Trakhtenberg

Dry Cleaning, Blinds & Draperies

Claudia Preciado Elder Care Facility
Claudia Preciado

Elder Care Facility

Michael Greenfield Entertainment
Michael Greenfield


B.J. Miller Essential Oils
B.J. Miller

Essential Oils

Ricki Lewis Event Planner
Ricki Lewis

Event Planner

Brian T. Whitney Financial Advisor/Stock Broker
Brian T. Whitney

Financial Advisor/Stock Broker

Tommy Power Fitness Trainer
Tommy Power

Fitness Trainer

Don Van Cura Handyman
Don Van Cura


Javier Cesar Heating and AC
Javier Cesar

Heating and AC

Anna-Pia Hubacher Hypnotherapy
Anna-Pia Hubacher


Derek Jones Insurance: Auto, Home, Personal (P&C)
Derek Jones

Insurance: Auto, Home, Personal (P&C)

Joyce Khoury Medicare Insurance Agent
Joyce Khoury

Medicare Insurance Agent

Grant Norris Mortgage Broker
Grant Norris

Mortgage Broker

Frantwan Le Blanc Moving and Packing
Frantwan Le Blanc

Moving and Packing

Miche Lamarche Neurofeedback
Miche Lamarche


James Warwick Nutritional Supplements
James Warwick

Nutritional Supplements

Vivian Williams Online Advertising
Vivian Williams

Online Advertising

Bijan Kharrazi Payment Processing: Ecommerce & Mcommerce
Bijan Kharrazi

Payment Processing: Ecommerce & Mcommerce

Sigmund Thomas Pest Control
Sigmund Thomas

Pest Control

Cary Prince Professional Organizer
Cary Prince

Professional Organizer

Jeffrey J. Fritz Real Estate: Residential
Jeffrey J. Fritz

Real Estate: Residential

Patrick Lun Residential Architect
Patrick Lun

Residential Architect

Sam Rosenberg Senior Living Placement
Sam Rosenberg

Senior Living Placement

Donna Wolfe Travel Consultant
Donna Wolfe

Travel Consultant

Justin Sloggatt Video Production
Justin Sloggatt

Video Production

Brad Belnap Water Filtration
Brad Belnap

Water Filtration

Rachael Payne Website Designer
Rachael Payne

Website Designer

Earl Trusty Window Coverings
Earl Trusty

Window Coverings



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"It's helped me become a better young professional and have a large array of people that I can tap into in different industries! "
James Warwick
JAW Enterprise
"I have helped out many members in the group and in turn they have helped me. I am comfortable referring business to the members because everyone is very professional and tops in their field."
Brian Reich
Brilliant Smiles
"Michael Greenfield is an excellent music teacher. If you have always wanted to learn music and have been putting it off - give him a call. Music is an excellent hobby and a wonderful way to calm the mind in our busy work environments."
Justin Sloggatt
Six 14 Productions
"I had purchased a home and had silhouettes which were filthy and some damage. I was going to toss them but knew the cost of buying them knew. I found Camden Drapery & Blinds Cleaning. Not only are the silhouettes WHITE (I thought they were beige)"
Alex Trakhtenberg
Camden Cleaners
"Wildfire Networking has reinforced my core value of the importance of relationships, business and personal. Not only have I received new business associates, but new true friendships that are here for me and my family. I am a grateful member. "
Vivian Williams
"I can say without a doubt, that the years I have been in this networking group have been the most productive expenditure of my marketing energy and budget."
Rick Baum
Law Offices of Richard T. Baum
"They have been the best sources to have professionals to do the job. "
Saeed Tarki
Westside Company
"Wildfire has helped me meet more people, teach them about my business and learn about theirs. It has helped me build my business, and learn how to support others'. I've grown through public speaking, public service, leadership and teamwork."
Miche Lamarche
Body Mind Revolution, ICP, ICT, L.A.c, M.T.O.M., NBAO, ACN
"Wildfire has taught me how to network. I have gained long term friendships with smart and caring collegues with the same goals. I have also received a lot business through out the years."
Claudia Preciado
Coastal House, Inc. RCFE
"Wildfire has made me a much better business owner . Now I'm more than just a plumber. I'm a plumber who knows an excellent tile contractor or really dependable rooter service or even a super car detailer! "
Dennis Smith
Little Red Truck Plumbing
"Wildfire has been the best marketing investment that I have made for my business.I have received support from many members of the group. We all help each other to be successful."
Jesus Hernandez
The Perfect Detail
"I have only been associated with the group for a short time. I'm really excited to be part of such a great group of people. I also appreciate the groups longevity. It says a lot."
Brad Belnap
Pro Water Solutions

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