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Rick Baum

Law Offices of Richard T. Baum

Attorney: Bankruptcy

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Sometimes there is no other choice. But most times there is. At the Law Offices of Richard T. Baum, you meet with the professional who will handle your case from beginning to end, and will evaluate the options you have, the implications of those options, and explain the benefits and the costs. Bankruptcy is one option, but so is creditor negotiation, asset protection, civil litigation, and claims under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. With over 25 years experience and plenty of hands-on cases, Rick Baum is the lawyer for you. In addition, business bankruptcy and debt counseling is a mainstay of our practice. Just because a business does not want to go out of business does not mean bankruptcy isn't an option. And just because a business is in the position to be sold does not mean that bankruptcy is not a good way to proceed. We have helped many companies reach the goals they desired. Oh, did we tell you that we represent creditors in bankruptcy cases, too? Ask us how we do it.

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Since: February 2002

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