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Miche Lamarche

Body Mind Revolution, ICP, ICT, L.A.c, M.T.O.M., NBAO, ACN


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Miche Lamarche, a licensed acupuncturist who has become an expert in the field of Neurofeedback and Neuroinflammation, offers cutting edge technology with Microcurrent Neurofeedback.  This technology is much newer and far more effective and faster than most results seen with traditional neuro and bio feedback. It’s application is often used on clients with:
traumatic brain injury (TBI),
autism and autism spectrum,
headaches and migraines,
mental fatigue,
difficulty completing tasks,
difficulty prioritizing one’s day, 
memory loss,
loss of balance,
slurring of speech, 
Lyme’s disease sequelae,
brain fog,
pain, and 
after stroke.  
Additionally, we use it with:
professional athletes and executives who place high performance at a premium.  
Students often use the technology when they are approaching exam season, and even lawyers preparing for the Bar have chosen this for sharpening their wits.

Did you know that when someone is in a car accident and has any kind of whiplash, their brain collides with the inside of their skull, often not once, not twice, but three times?  It’s called “coup and contracoup” from the French word ‘coup’ which means blow. Out brain floats on fluid and is not designed for the force of impact often experienced 

Brain studies show that people are wired to do what they already do as they age, but the measure for high function is whether they can learn something new.  Few people are better equipped to look deep into your particulars and set you on a course to longevity. 

Miche will refer you to medical doctors and other specialists, or work with the ones you have, anytime it is indicated.


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Since: July 2003

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"It's helped me become a better young professional and have a large array of people that I can tap into in different industries! "
James Warwick
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"I started my business over 20 years ago, from scratch with this group. Since then, some 20% - 25% of my business comes directly, or indirectly from the group. Just as important, is the social interaction with a wide variety of other business pros."
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"A number of things. #1, introduced me to a new family that is not only supportive but also has provided me with a number of professionals at my fingertip to reach out to for whatever issues I come across. "
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"Wildfire has helped me meet more people, teach them about my business and learn about theirs. It has helped me build my business, and learn how to support others'. I've grown through public speaking, public service, leadership and teamwork."
Miche Lamarche
Body Mind Revolution, ICP, ICT, L.A.c, M.T.O.M., NBAO, ACN
"I have met wonderful and caring people. I gained access to an amazing array of business contacts. I have received referrals that are helping me continue to build my hypnotherapy practice. "
Anna-Pia Hubacher
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"Wildfire has been the best marketing investment that I have made for my business.I have received support from many members of the group. We all help each other to be successful."
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